Control your gpstrackers  tk102, tk103 version 1 & 2 inclusive Xexun new version  from your Android mobile phone.

EasyGpsTracker gives you a unique and easy approach to your tk102 GPS tracker with your Android mobile phone. With EasyGpsTracker you can forget to send and receive complex SMS. You control your tk102, with a few clicks.
All positions are displayed directly at a map, with address and opportunity to use street view
Set up a GEO- Fence with only 2 click and you can see a Fence on the map.

This is good news!

Are you a hunter you will appreciate that you can now see your own position and distance relate to your gpstracker on your dog,

Or – you will quickly and easily find the way to your car with the new navigation facility – yes! easygpstracker can now directly use google maps route.

Displays compass direction in degrees and direction to the last received track.

The icon MyPosition display your position, with an arrow points to the last received track. A click on MyPosition show information of compass direction in degrees and distance to the last track in km. A click on any track  show the address, gps info and distance and direction in relation to your position.

Look at this screen dumps 

Look how EasyGpsTracker handles multiply tracker sending sms simultaneous

Track: Show a human readable address at every received positions – and you can choose to see street view for every track. All commands are controlled via a click of a button, you no longer have to enter complex text messages.

EasyGpsTracker allows you to use multiple commands simultaneously. The commands: Tracking, Fence, Move, Speed, Fortify, Monitor and Current position are activated by one click. A default setup  allows you to use the commands immediately or you can choose to modify the default settings.

Support all tkxxx trackeres

Easy to get started – just select the device you want to control, and enter the phonenumber of your TK10x:  Configure your GPS – if you have not already done so. Look up into the GPS ManualEnter GPS phonenumber in EasyGpsTracker.

Now you’re ready to track –  your car, your boat, your snowmobile or whatever you may want to know where are.

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Or use your phone barcode readers on this image


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